It's nice to know one's ancestors.
On this site lies the focus on our own family and the direct related families: Taal, van den Hoek, de Leeuw, Blancke, Post, van den Berg, Cornet, Visser, Ippel en Plomp. Taal about the branche of the family Taal in Den Helder (Holland, Netherlands). A part of the family moved from Den Helder to the city of Zaandam.

The assembled information is partly found on the internet. Lots of other interrested persons have already investigated (partially) mutual family relations. All those who contributed: thanks! Special thanks to Ronald Blancke, a former unknown nephew. He revealed a connection between our family and the famous early medieval emperor: Charlemagne . Also special thanks to Hendrik Visser, who showed the relation between my father's grandfather and already found data concerning the "family Taal" in Scheveningen (in Holland, Netherlands).


During the 19e an 20e century a lot of family members emigrated. (from Bussum, Scheveningen, Werkendam, Zaandam) Mainly to the USA (Michigan) and Canada: Taal, Koster, Visser and Ippel. To the state of Alberta for instance (Lethbridge).
Also some went from Zaandam to New Zealand.

Is anyone of the descendents still outhere? Look inside in search for your kin. Eventualy sent your own data (names, date of birth) by email. It will be added to the database.

  • New Zealand

    Christchurch - Dunedin : Descendants of Albert Taal & Harmpje de Vries

  • Canada

    Alberta : Descendants of Jan Taal & Grietje Huisman. Idem Bastiaan Hendrikus van Drunen & Lena Geertruida Ippel.

    Ontario : Idem Marretje Taal & Jan Dragstra.


Another rainy day by the sea. The coast at Huisduinen, a village near Den Helder (North Holland | Netherlands).

Lighthouse named 'Lange Jaap'. Made of cast iron highest - in its class - in Europe.